Mathieu Poirier

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GBS Associate Member

Cicerone Program® Certified Beer Server


Job Title: Beer Writer

Company Details: In addition to my writing, which I do for my personal site as well as Monday Magazine (, I work in beer sales on the retail side for Cascadia Liquor and offer freelance beer consulting services.

Biography: Beer has always been a passion for me, but it was only recently that I decided to turn that passion into something of a career. I took the years of customer service and business experience I already had and have applied that to my love and knowledge of beer. I have completed my Certified Beer Server, and am looking to complete the exam for Certified Cicerone at the next available opportunity. I contribute personal musings on the local beer scene on my website, as well as for Monday Magazine and Finally, I have been offering local points of sale the opportunity to improve beer service through training and audit services.


Twitter: Matterofbeer

Instagram: Matterofbeer