The Guild of Beer Sommeliers is passionate and dedicated to furthering knowledge and understanding of all aspects of beer and our courses are for everyone from enthusiasts to seasoned professionals.

Guild certificates, pins and membership are awarded for all levels above the Beer Lover.


Beer Lover’s Workshop

This entertaining evening provides a basic knowledge of brewing, tasting and an opportunity to sample some of the best examples of different beer styles. Perfect for anyone wanting to expand their beer repertoire or just understand a bit more about what goes into their favourite brew. This GBS workshop is three to four hours long and can be tailored as a corporate activity, stag night or an informal evening at your favourite watering hole.

Coming soon

Introduction to Craft beer and beer service

This is an introductory course that aims to give a good basic grounding for people working with beer in either bar and pub, restaurant, retail or sales. It is mandatory to pass this before moving on the second level (Certified Beer Steward).


Certified Beer Steward

This is the second level of GBS certification. Designed to equip and inform servers, bar staff and sales associates with the appropriate knowledge to better communicate and server their customers. Areas covered include: beer styles, basic brewing knowledge, service standards, food and beer pairing as well as the differences between cask, bottled and keg beers.

During this one day course we will host tutored tastings to provide the candidate with an opportunity to understand the flavours behind the different beer styles. The course culminates in an exam including theory and tastings.

Coming soon. Participants must have worked in the food & beverage industry for a minimum of 6 months.


Certified Beer Sommelier

This intensive course provides a professional level of certification for those wishing to obtain a high level of knowledge, expertise and quality of service within all aspects of the beer service industry. The GBS Certified Beer Sommelier course includes 32 hours of instruction, tours of a working brewery and bar, as well as tutored tastings preparing the candidate for the Beer Sommelier exam. Areas covered in this course include: history of brewing, extensive study of beer styles from around the world, brewing, beer service, draught systems, glassware, advanced food and beer pairing, beer list construction, buying, beer faults and analysis of flavours. The exam will be in three sections – beer service (practical), theory (written) and blind tasting.

Applicants must have passed the Guild of Beer Sommeliers Certified Beer Steward exam prior to taking this course.

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