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GBS Full Member

Doemens® Beer Sommelier | Beer Academy® Beer Sommelier

Diploma - Craft Brewer -The Scandinavian School of Brewing


Company Details: Türk Tuborg Brewery/Turkey

Biography: Beer is the unique social drink that forms a linkage between people that makes our lives colorful. Each of us has a different genetic code and each beer type has different characteristics. We all share the same raw materials but we all have distinctive life styles and taste. Diversity pushes us to go beyond the borders and motivates us to explore new colors. What if, a pathfinder paves the way and shares the story of this magical liquid just to draw a perfect painting for you and brings us closer. As a storyteller, a Beer Sommelier’s passion is to present beers in the most accurate way to increase people’s knowledge about ingredients, brewing, culture, tradition, history of beer & brewing, styles, tasting, glassware and food pairings.