Ivo Thijssen

Foto Ivo Thijssen.jpg

GBS Full Member

Beer Academy® Beer Sommelier

BJCP Judge


Company Details: Beer activities and training for consumers and hospitality professionals. 
Bierproeven.nu for beer experiences for the consumer market. www.bierproeven.nu 
for global Beereducation. www.bierbewustzijn.nl

Biography: Organising tastings, and trainings with beer and food
- Beer tastings and training for breweries and pubs. 
- Professional training for the Beermaster Programm of AB-Inbev Netherlands
- Advice and training of hospitality, quality, service and sales improvement. 
- Interim during events, openings and troubleshooting. 
- Scanning and making reports for different hospitality outlets. 
- Training and education on hygiene, hospitality & service, sales, beer knowledge and beer treatment. 
- Mystery visits in different hospitality outlets.

Website: http://www.bierproeven.nu