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Aims & Objectives

Guild aims and objectives

Our aims and objectives are to be a meeting place for beer professionals to exchange knowledge, ideas, insights and passion for the greatest beverage in the world as well as promote the best quality service to ensure the level associated with wine and cocktails extends to beer.



To ensure the best quality and correct service for beer so that it reaches the customer in perfect condition, and with the level of respect and professionalism it deserves. To further the art and science of food pairing, showing the versatility of beer in every level of environment, whether it is the home, the pub or in a fine-dining restaurant.



To expand the knowledge of our members, continue learning from our peers and experience to better prepare our members, benefiting them and help build their career, the careers of their staff and to impart their knowledge to customers.



To help our members educate others who work in the beer industry, as well as the beer drinking public about the quality, diversity and enjoyment of beer.



To ensure that the vast new world of beer, whether it is part of the craft beer world, traditional specialty beers or the wider world of beer culture, is made accessible to all. We will endeavour not to make beer exclusive or elitist, but make it truly approachable.


Respect & Diversity

To respect the diverse community that work within beer and brewing and ensure equality and fairness of opportunity and treatment of all. Marketing and branding of products using sexist, racist or any other discriminatory or derogatory language or imagery will not be supported or promoted in any way.