Egemen Candan


GBS Associate Member

Country: Turkey

Job Title: Brewer

Biography: My name is Egemen, I am 32 years old an eletrical engineer working as project sales in Panasonic Türkiye.
I am a dedicated homebrewer lives in Istanbul - Turkey. Yet I am brewing just for a year now, I have brewed about 40 batches in a year. I still keep learning, researching and reading about brewing. I bought many books, downloaded more and with forums I am developing myself and my brewing technique. 

That "one year old" brewing could make you say a "newbie", well I am but I have won a competiton already in 5th Turkish National Homebrewers Competition. In 80 total beers my Mango Milkshake IPA elected as best beer with 8,36/10 points, the second beer had 7,92/10 points.

I would like to keep improving myself. I go to help to my friends craft brewhouse in Istanbul like a trainee and I am working on my own business plan for brewpub and brewery. Maybe I will start up a kick start project for that. As the beer born from this lands "Anatolia" I would like to brew with using Anatolian traditional tastes, herbs and spices which I am already doing. Lately my Anatolian Saison paired with apple cookie is quite famous along homebrewers and beer lovers in Istanbul, And there is a strawberry sour ale in my fermanters now, with lemon balm, elder flower, hibiscus and some more...

I have also started to work for BJCP courses. Studying Style Guidelines now, reading and underlining, I believe I will pass the first exam in June, and after that I will get my Cicerone certification as certified beer server, I believe I will make it before July too.

Instagram: maccandans