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GBS Full Member

Doemens® Beer Sommelier | Beer Academy® Beer Sommelier

Diploma - Craft Brewer -The Scandinavian School of Brewing


Company Details: Türk Tuborg Brewery/Turkey

Biography: In 2013, Çağdaş Öngen became the first accredited Beer Academy Sommelier in Turkey. Turkey’s beer market started to improve with the importation of global beer categories in 2013 and he’s established field training programme modules for On – Trade outlet staffs in TÜRK TUBORG. He compiled the first Turkish Beer Dictionary to shape a better Turkish terminology for a comprehensive story-telling.

In 2016, he attended to Siebel Institute’s programmes in Chicago and became the first accredited Doemens Beer Sommelier in Turkey. In 2017, he participated to The Scandinavian School of Brewing Craft Brewer programme in Copenhagen and got his diploma as the first one in Turkey. His graduation project topic was “Enhancing Flavors in terms of Culinary Pairings”.

In 2017, he made his researches for the development of Craft Brewery scene in Turkey to understand Turkish flavour perception and worked closely with the brand team and R&D Crew for developing “Craft Beer Portfolio” for Türk Tuborg. 

He focuses on flavours occured in brewing processess and creates gastronomic pairings on scientific bases. He has organised dozens of beer dinners especially focusing on Anatolian Cuisine for the growth of beer knowledge and culture in Turkey.

He’s been working in Türk Tuborg for almost eight years, he is the Marketing Field Training Manager & Beer Sommelier of the company