Brett Newton

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GBS Full Member

Certified Cicerone® 


Company Details: I work as a Cicerone and beertender at the taproom of Coachella Valley Brewing Co in Thousand Palms, CA (the Palm Springs area). I pour 23 beers, many of which rotate, while helping people find what they're looking for in a beer, answering any questions they have, pairing food with their beers and putting together pairings for special dinner events.

Biography: Since 1993 or so, I've been fascinated with good beer from around the world and curious to learn more about it. Just recently though, I turned my attention to becoming a Certified Cicerone and passed the exam in Nov. 2016. Since then I've been eagerly looking for ways to promote craft beer in the Coachella Valley helping people who might have been otherwise unaware of how amazing a beverage it can be and how incredibly well and interestingly it can be paired with food. I look forward to eventually making my way up the Cicerone levels and being a part of a business that is as passionate about the field as I am and like to have fun at the same time.

Twitter: @beermepodcast