Cheryl Cade

Cheryl Cade.jpg

GBS Full Member

Beer Academy® Beer Sommelier


Company Details: Owner of  The Thirst Consultants company

Biography: Cheryl is a qualified sommelier with the Beer Academy and a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers.

Her company The Thirst Consultants run multi award winning tours in the UK and on mainland Europe, continuing her desire to take people on, 'Adventures in taste'.

Cheryl has also been a judge for the World Beer Awards, International Beer Challenge and The Beer Awards. At her heart is a love of Belgian beers leading her to run one of the most respected World Beer Bars for CAMRA at the Norwich Beer Festival, with access to beers that are not usually seen in the country as well as the promotion of a Gluten Free keg line. She is there fore in demand from brewers who are looking to improve their range of European beer styles, especially enabling networking between Belgian and UK brewers.

Founder of the Ladies Beer Coven and Quaffers Guild to expand everyone's beer knowledge. 

Twitter: @thirstbeers