Jamie Percival

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GBS Full Member

Beer Academy® Beer Sommelier


Company Details: Sambrook's Brewery, London

Biography: Jamie Percival went for a summer job at his local pub The White Horse, Parsons Green in 2003 expecting simply to earn funds for a trip before University. However, this quick stint in this beer palace planted a seed and after 5 years away it became obvious that a career back in Parsons Green was better suited than settling to join an estate agency. The technical side of managing cask and keg was the first challenge to grasp and eventually Jamie took the role of Cellar Manager at The White Horse, before moving to Sambrook's Brewery in Battersea where he is now a Senior Sales Executive. After passing his Sommelier Assessment, Jamie looks forward to continuing to learn and experiment whilst introducing and teaching others about the world of beer.

Twitter: @jimjambeereyman