Johnathan Brown

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GBS Full Member

Certified Cicerone®


Other Beer Certifications: BJCP Judge, Prud'homme Beer Specialist

Company Details: Mash Paddle Brewing Company

Biography: Fell in love with beer in my late twenties. It quickly became an obsession which led to home brewing. I've always had a great thirst for learning so the next natural step was to learn more about beer. I registered for the first level for the Prud'homme program (Beer Enthusiast) in December 2015. It wasn't enough. In the fall of 2016 I completed the second level of the Prud'homme program (Beer Specialist) and completed the Certified Beer Server exam. Still not satisfied, I registered for the Certified Cicerone exam in the spring of 2017. I wrote and passed the Certified Cicerone exam in September 2017 followed quickly by the BJCP entrance exam. I took the BJCP tasting exam in April of 2018 and officially became a Recognized (soon to be Certified), Beer Judge in July of 2018. I continue my quest for knowledge and to challenge myself. I plan to write the Advanced Cicerone exam in 2019.