Justin Zumbro


GBS Full Member

Certified Cicerone® 

United States of America

Job Title: Drinks/Beer Buyer

Company Details: Currently work at Triple George Grill in Las Vegas. I am the Lead Server/Beer Buyer/Staff Educator

Biography: I’m Justin Zumbro, a Craft Beer Enthusiast. I have been homebrewing, and hunting for whales for 5 years. I’ve worked in the service industry in Las Vegas for most my life at iconic places like Atomic Liquor’s, crazy venues like Brooklyn Bowl, and even fancy joints like Triple George Grill. Me and my Fiancé even have a YouTube channel called “Couple “o” Brews” where we taste, and describe beer in fun ways.

Website: http://Coupleobrews.blogspot.com

Twitter: Justin_Z_Brew

YouTube: Couple o' Brews

Instagram: @zumbro