Lauren Richard

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GBS Full Member

Certified Cicerone® 


Other Beer Certifications: BJCP Judge

Job Title: Beer Educator

Company Details: Self employed Beer Educator. Bar manager at Hotmess Texmex in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Biography: I am originally from Fredericton, New Brunswick and moved to Toronto at the age of 17, 11 years ago. I studied at the Randolph's Academy for the Performing Arts specializing in singing, dancing, and acting, working professionally in the field until an ankle injury. I worked as a bartender simultaneously, and once the injury pulled me away from my work I became enamoured with craft beer as the scene was developing in Ontario in 2012. Certified Cicerone since 2015, and BJCP judge, I continue to learn and grow with the industry. I will be re-writing my Advanced Cicerone in Denver this May, 2018. I manage Hotmess Texmex in downtown Toronto, with an exclusively "short can" list, which is a novelty concept in Ontario due to long-standing liquor laws (tall cans) in the LCBO (liquor board of Ontario). I worked full time for Goose Island in 2016 conducting beer dinners and staff training, and travelled across the country for the Canadian Migration Weeks as a part of the event team for the introduction of the Sour Sisters and Bourbon County Barrel Stouts in Canada. I continue to work independently for various breweries and festivals around the province, and maintain a social media presence as @BeerGirlCA online. You can catch me singing with my 3 piece country-blues band around Toronto, The Shortcan Serenaders.


Twitter: BeerGirlCA

Instagram: BeerGirlCA