Lotte Peplow


GBS Full Member

Beer Academy® Beer Sommelier | Certified Cicerone®


Company Details: I work for the Brewers Association through my company Peplow PR Ltd

Biography: I am a PR Consultant and Communicator specialising in the beer industry. A beer lover first and foremost, I have worked with beer clients all my career and I'm looking to spread the word about craft beer and to encourage more people to drink more beer styles on more occasions.
Through my work with the Brewers Association I manage beer festivals, runs events and conduct tastings on their behalf. I also undertake PR and write articles about beer and food which have appeared in Restaurant Magazine, Great British, Matching Food & and more. A member of CAMRA’s Tasting Panel for London, I am also a beer judge at CAMRA festivals and the International Beer Challenge.

Twitter: @LottePeplow